Friday, February 11, 2011

YW Lesson: Our Purpose in Life

Seriously, these are 4X6. Why are they showing up like this?!?!?!

YW hand out

Each week I try to provide a handout to go with my Young Women's lesson. Here is the handout I created for lesson #6.

It is formatted to print 4X6. It does look funny right here, though!
News flash: I am behind in blogging my photography posts. Please try to act surprised. We are having some snow days and life is a little crazy!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Day Seven: Generations

I had to slightly cheat on this assignment. Ok. Full out cheat. We were to take pictures of generations. I decided just to select a few pictures from Christmas and edit those. I feel abundantly blessed to have the family that I do. I wish we lived closer to them. But, at this time it is not possible. So, we cherish the moments we do have together.

This is a Christmas ornament with the name of my mom and her two sisters.
This is Matthew and my dad making a hand rail. I love how they are both so deep in thought in this picture. These two were born to be in each other lives!
Cousins: Brook, Ali, Ashley, Emily and Kat. Dana, did I get the twinners correct?
These two boys, Luke and Papa, both share and avid love of coins. They had a great time going thru Papa's collection. Luke learned a lot and came home and started organizing for real!
I am grateful our generations can be eternal bound. This life on Earth is not nearly enough time for all the fun we could have!!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Day Six: Who they love

These two are never far apart. If I need one of them, I look for the other one.

On this particular night, they were making a cell fuel car. I was snapping multiple pictures for this assignment. They finally decided to ham it up for the camera and this is the image that was captured.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Day Five: Love to Hate

What do I love to hate? Well not a whole lot of hating going on in my life!

Our kitty, Oliver, (you know Oliver, right?) L*O*V*E*S to drink out of the toilet. I have no idea why. I have put up with it until we moved into our new house. Then I told him, "This is enough. Drink out of a cup like a normal cat." So, he has a cup (he won't drink out of a bowl) in the master bathroom and the kitchen window. He still begs and pleads to drink out of the toilet. When I feel my resolve weakening, this is what happens.
We have a "no technology" rule at our family dinner table. Last night Kat was pretty sure we lifted that rule. So, I decided just to talk her picture over and over. In the first picture of her, she was typing on my facebook wall, "Dear mom, please stop taking pictures of me eating my dinner...Thank you!"
Yes, Kat. We know you are still texting!!!
I do love that she has friends and loves living in Nashville with all her little girl heart!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Day Four: What they wear

This is my poor sick kitty wearing a sweat shirt. He cuddled in it for days while he didn't feel well. We are happy to report he is back to his evil ways!